World Premiere of The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Frankly I was grateful when the filmmaker Aaron Lemle approached me  in 2018 about making a short 10 min documentary about me and about how I see, feel and create my paintings. 

This filming  experience  is close to my heart because it was one of the last experiences I enjoyed in my art studio at the Arts District Liberty Station before everything shut down in March 2019 due to the  coronavirus.

“The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira" is the resulting  10-minute documentary  and the short film is  premiering at the San Diego International ShortFest on May 15th at 2:30 PM.  ShortFest is the new younger sibling of the San Diego International Film Festival. This film can be seen online from anywhere, but a ticket is needed. For more information, check out the SD film fest website.

You can also visit the facebook page of this movie.

I hope this film helps people understand that there are different ways that people feel, see and hear the world around them. It can be challenge, but it can also be a gift.  Truly I enjoyed the process of being filmed and interviewed by Aaron and his crew, and the experience elicited this dream:

The Beautiful Colors of Aaron Thinking About Filmmaking and Greatly Focusing on the Colors of Life

Truly I frankly dreamt I painted the colors of Aaron as he reached the great idea on how to realize a short film about my life and his creative process; and of beautiful Aaron dearly working with his film crew. Truly I have to say Aaron is  a gifted person with many talents realizing them all while filming. The first gift he has is in mentoring his crew. Another gift is that he very much notices his beautiful great idea when he is organizing the crew and their tasks. Truly the dyslexia is also a gift because that really is how he greatly  became a filmmaker to overcome his challenge. Nicely that is how I overcame my challenge of autism:  by using a letterboard and a paintbrush.

Frankly I feel the power of Aaron’s gift.

Beautiful blue like the sky became the nicely bright background that nicely represented early Jeremy, whose nicely kind life frankly was truly changed. Yellow represented the happiness my life was filled with when my mom found a way to teach me to read and then write. Mighty is the indigo that represents the power of knowledge and the opportunity to learn like everyone. Greatly green is for the calmness that is still so hard to find. Orange unites the fun of happiness and the red of great love. Gold and silver represent the power of universal love shining down. 

I hope this film helps people understand that there are different ways that people feel, see and hear the world around them. It can be a challenge, but it can also be a gift.

Jeremy with Filmmaker Aaron Lemle