The Beautiful Colors of Edgar as He Discovers Himself


This 22 x 22 was recently commissioned by Edgar Masters, a frankly amazing man.  Edgar stopped at my booth at Art Walk of Little Italy in 2019, and saw my paintings for the first time. According to Edgar, seeing my paintings had a greatly important impact on him. Recently he contacted me and we met over zoom. This painting is a result of that meeting. (Shared with  Edgar’s permission).

The Beautiful Colors of Edgar as He Discovers Himself

Dearly I love the beautiful colors of Edgar as he tells his story as he discovers his true self. Happy to meet me, Edgar tells his story about his life before he could  understand the hard greatly difficult sensory challenges he had to learn to overcome.

Dearly bright yellow is for the great happiness Edgar feels when he listens to music. Beautiful purple justly represents Edgar being a leader when he shares nicely his challenges. Magenta represents his great passion for self-growth and discovery. Nice green truly represents a genuine calmness Edgar feels very much at night when it is quiet. Lovely pink like a rose is for the genuine love that Edgar feels in his heart, especially when family and dear friends are around. Truly nicely pure white is for the hope of great new beginnings.

Greatly orange is for the fun Edgar experiences when he gets to try new ideas on himself and others. Truly kindly indigo is present for the knowledge he has gained through many experiences. Knowing there is much more out there to help other people is greatly represented by blue like the sky. Dearly there is turquoise for the great fullness felt in his heart from truly helping someone like me. Truly Edger is hard at work on a great patent that will help many. Real beautiful change is the focus of his life. Dearly Edgar has the power to change many lives. Great gold and silver is present for a power so great in Edgar’s life. 

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