Color of Sound: The Gift of Synesthesia Revealed


Greatly I have the gift of synesthesia, which means that the part of my brain – that controls the  senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste - are wired differently.  This gift of synesthesia – more common in people with autism than the general population – is being celebrated at the Oceanside Museum of Art  in an exhibition called Color of Sound.

Color of Sound opened on April 17 and will close on July 11, 2021. Frankly this exhibition includes many artists, some that I dearly know as friends. This exhibition curated by the non-profit The Art of Autism, is frankly the first exhibition about synesthesia in Southern California. Originally another form of this exhibition MozArt@OMA was to take place during April 11–26, 2020. Frankly it did not take place due to OMA’s temporary closure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To see Color of Sound, timed admission tickets reserved in advance are required to visit this exhibition and others at the OMA, and you can get your tickets online at:

There will also be an OMA panel discussion SMALLTALK: THE COLOR OF SOUND Online 7 – 8 pm PST on Thursday April 29. Greatly happy to say I will be on the panel with other artists (Joel Anderson, Sydney Edmond, Austin John Jones, and Syance Wilson) discussing our gifts and our art. Debra Muzikar and Keri Bowers, co-founders of the The Art of Autism, will be leading this lively and informative discussion celebrating neurodiversity in the arts and the creative abilities of artists on the autism spectrum.  (This is a free event but you must pre-register to attend).

When I hear music, or listen to people’s voices, my brain translates the sound into emotion, and then the emotion into color. Then I process what I have seen and felt while I am dreaming. By listening to the OMA panel SMALLTALK: THE COLOR OF SOUND, you will learn more about this process, and watch me paint as I will be doing a live painting demonstration.

Frankly four of my paintings are part of the Color of Sound exhibit: The Beautiful Colors of San Diego Under the Coronavirus; The Beautiful Colors of the New Year 2021 and the Great Shift it Brings; The Vibrant Colors of the Opera Carmen; and The Beautiful Colors of Dave Matthews and His Musicians in Concert .

Here below is the dream behind The Vibrant Colors of the Opera Carmen.


The Vibrant Colors of the Opera Carmen

Truly I dreamt I painted the colors of beautiful Carmen in the film version of Bizet’s opera, Carmen, directed by Francesco Rossi. Truly the colors were brilliant and frankly vibrant with the beauty of the opera singer Julia Migenes playing the part of Carmen. Greatly I felt the love that her leading man Don José, played by Plácido Domingo, greatly felt for Carmen. Truly there were other love stories going on but none as great as the love between Carmen and Don Jose. Their love is represented by beautiful hues of bright pink and red. Greatly yellow represents the happiness they felt when they realized they had met their true match in love. Green is for the calm between the passion of the songs they sung to each other. Represented nicely by real blue-like-the-sky, is the hope that they might greatly escape into their own world of nature. Kindly purple was there for the leadership they both had very much before they justly fell in love and were in real trouble. Mighty is their lust and passion represented through song and dance, kindly seen in the color magenta. Orange, brilliant in its brightness, represents the fun-loving Carmen’s spirit for dance and song with her fellow gypsies. White represents the hope that the soldier Don Jose has that great Carmen will accept his undying love and run away with him. Indigo frankly is the knowledge all Carmen’s gypsy friends have that Carmen will do only as she pleases. Great mighty just gold and silver represent the universal love that in this case ends in tragedy for the main characters.

Both the Carmen painting and Carmen prints  are available for purchase online.