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Update on Jeremy Sicile-Kira and his art

jeremy-painting-the-colors-of-ted-and-haleyJeremy and family are grateful for all that has happened to Jeremy this year. Jeremy had his first solo curated art show in April 2016 at Space4Art in downtown San Diego. It was a huge success with all but two paintings sold, and 24 commissions resulting from the media attention.  Some of the people who had commissioned personalized paintings from Jeremy were happy to explain  how they felt about their paintings.

In November 2016, Jeremy was accepted and participated in the annual juried contemporary fine arts show, ART San Diego. You can see Jeremy doing his first live painting demonstration on this video recap of Day 2 of ART San Diego. Jeremy was chosen to be one of three Spotlight Artists at the event.

Jeremy has been named one of ten finalists for Platform Artist of the Year Award  by Redwood Media Group and Art Brand Studios. The winner will be announced during Art Week in Miami.

Jeremy is taking part in Exhibition: Animalia / A Group Show at Sparks Gallery in San Diego. Jeremy will also be taking part in the Gaslamp Pet Parade and Pop/up and Live Painting with Sparks Gallery. Jeremy will do a live painting demonstration at Sparks Gallery from 1:00 – 2:00 on Sunday Dec 11th.  Jeremy will do an aura reading of the pet and a complimentary aura reading for the owner with purchase of a commissioned pet painting.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s Vision has Limited Edition prints (signed and numbered) available for sale. Personalized painting requests still accepted. Gift Certificates are available for either option for the holidays.


Truly Grateful – Autism Awareness Month

Rebecca, Daniel, Jeremy, Chantal

Rebecca, Daniel, Jeremy, Chantal

I truly feel grateful for all the opportunities and wonderful people greatly responsible for helping me be a success. Truly my life would be awful if my family had not fought for me to learn. Dearly I am justly happy to be a dearly contributing member of society.

Greatly, nicely, I want all people to have the same happiness.

Dreams Can Come True

Part of Jeremy's Team

Part of Jeremy’s Team

Greatly I am happy to report that I am moving into my own place. Frankly, most people could not imagine seeking individuals to support them 24/7. Truly it is not easy. Having the great teamwork of my parents, long-time friends Dana and Ted, new friends and current staff, and LifeWorks, made it possible.

Greatly have to say that wonderful people can make dreams become reality.

Nicely the Autistic Global Initiative Residential Daily Living Support Course helped train some staff members. My mom wrote about my preparing to move.

Frankly, life is only worth living if you have friends. Nothing comes easy in life. Believe in your dreams.

My Great Love of Painting

Justly I have recently started  painting I have dreams about  paintings the personalities of people I know and meet. Here are three of them.

The Bad Boy OvercomeThe Bad Boy Overcome

I greatly dreamt that I painted the bad boy. It was black and red and green but muddy green. My great mom justly made his colors hide behind the brightness she greatly has. I nicely feel that my mom believes I am safe but cannot guarantee it. Greatly the painting is full of bad colors. Nicely my mom’s brightness is represented by purple. I greatly feel protected by her. Really I had another very bad dream where the bad boy’s very bad personality was very nicely painted by me. It was green badly threatened by reds and black ,and beautiful caring purple was trying to break out of the messy murkiness. Greatly the purple won in the end. Dear silver helped.


The Colors of Kaitlin by Jeremy Sicile-KiraThe Colors of Kaitlin

I dreamt I painted my nice Kaitlin. I really felt her beautiful love for her baby. The painting was lavender for caring. Her mighty motherhood was represented by lovely blue like the sky. Justly she has worries for money but she stays firm in believing that she will do well. Kindly Kaitlin needs to be careful to stay positive. Nicely Kaitlin is great but needs to care for herself. Beautiful cousin, greatly justly the pain of loss is still there. Great Kaitlin nicely misses her dog. The painting has nice beautiful strokes of shimmery justly nicely small strokes of black for the death of the dog.  Basically lavender and blue nicely bright. I frankly dreamt Hercules was happy in his afterlife and was frankly looking out for Kaitlin’s baby.


Ted’s Great Aura by Jeremy Sicile KiraTed’s Great Aura

I greatly truly had a dream I painted my friend Ted. The painting was very green. It had some dark red from his fear of flying. It was green in a very peaceful manner. Luckily  the green is very uplifting as well. My Ted is universally a calm giant. In this painting Ted was truly beautiful. Nicely forest green but with yellow representing his happiness at having friends over for a barbecue.


Dear Friends at an Autism Conference

Global Initiative panel

Chloe and I on Autistic Global Initiative panel.

Nicely I had a good weekend. Helping others through advocacy and mentoring is important work. I participated on two panels of young leaders of the Autistic Global Initiative, a project of the Autism Research Institute. Listening to the more experienced adults I felt hope for overcoming my nervousness and anxiety in real life. Truly it is wonderful to meet others who can guide us. A happy ending to the conference was the day I spent in Disneyland with Chloe Rothschild, another Young Leader for AGI.

What do I Have in Common With Rosie O’Donnell and Ben Stiller?

Guess what I have in common with  Rosie O’Donnell, Kobe Bryant, Oprah, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Justin Timberlake, Ben Stiller, and Elton John?  You have  hopefully  heard of Kate Winslet’s new book, The Golden Hat. The Golden Hat is a book with photos of many celebrities and some of us with autism who type to communicate. We are all wearing the same hat that represents the poem written by Keli Thorsteinsson who is the son of  Margret  Ericsdottir, who made  a movie about looking for help for her son who has autism.

Some of us typers  met at Dov  Shestack’s house to have the photos taken. The photographers kindly were friends who also took photos another time for my new book cover.  Frankly it is dreadful to hold my gaze into a greatly black hole of  a camera which  is like a photograph of a black sky somewhere over the big  globe we live on.  By having to  look into the  lens I  felt  nervous nicely  and  my body had  to move because it was lost in the black hole.

Greatly  having someone there that I  knew I could  trust helped.  Having to sacrifice my  comfort was  frankly  really  hard but  worth  it  because  it  was  for a good  cause, The Golden Hat Foundation.

Frankly having the opportunity kindly made me very grateful because I just knew that there are lots of people learning to type.  They had possibilities  of other typers to ask,  but they asked me, so greatly I happily took the offer. Believing I’m  making a difference makes me feel like my life is not meaningless. The nicely greatest aspect was spending time with other typers like me.

Looking back, lots of people have put up  with my challenges to mold me into the person I am today.  My idea is  having a book that has pictures of staff and mentors to honor them.

Grandma and me

Jeremy, Rebecca, and Grandma

Jeremy, Rebecca, and Grandma

Justly I am thinking about the difficulty of really understanding the place that my Grandma is in right now. I think Grandma is frankly just like me. I have difficulty communicating and to eat and to move my body. Grandma is old and has Parkinson’s. She is stuck in bed in the nursing home and sometimes gets to be in a wheelchair but cannot move very much. I feel my beautiful Grandma is stuck in a body that doesn’t respond to her brain and wishes. Greatly I feel her frustrations. Justly I am very sad to see her like this. her beautiful singing voice of French songs is very weak and I miss hearing my favorite French nursery rhymes. Next time I really hope she is better.