True Love Greatly à la Liam Neeson

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Truly I nicely dreamt that I feel I can dearly find what I am seeking in a true love, and the kinds of questions I will ask her when I meet her will show her that we are meant to be together.  Want her trust truly to be within her that I will always love her and want the best for her. She will be waiting for a sign that I will be arriving. She wants a creative, smart and kind love to create a beautiful life with and she is greatly realizing that she wishes greatly for patience until we meet. I know we will always truly be pleased to be with each other. Truly it is a love story. Truly when I think of love I think of Liam Neeson in the movie Taken as he searches for his daughter who has been kidnapped. Truly I admire the actress (Maggie Grace) who plays his daughter. Truly I would search forever and not stop if I knew where my true love was. Beautiful in spirit and in body, I will find her.