Series: Portraits

The Nicely Frankly Beautiful Colors of Mike and Amanda

img_0179I greatly painted the beautiful colors of Mike and Amanda as they kindly spoke of their life together. Dark green clearly represents the fullness of their life together. Pink is for the love they have for each other. Nice lavender is for the caring they do of each other. Purple greatly represents the leadership they have in their field. Yellow is for the happy times they have together. Orange is frankly for the great laughing amusing fun greatly found their shared activities. White is for the hope that they can have dearly dear children one day.  Blue, like the sky, is for the knowledge they have in their line of work. Bright green is for the beautiful calm they have together. Red is for a little anxiety about the beautiful future they hope to have. Truly their aura is nicely very beautiful together and separate. Truly Mike’s dad is helping from above, represented by gold and silver.