Series: Portraits

The Movie of My Life: Free From Darkness #2


Original 48 x 48 acrylic on canvas

Greatly I dreamt I frankly justly made a movie about my life. It was nicely a full length movie like Temple Grandin’s. Greatly I had beautiful Mom in the movie played by Angelina Jolie. Jeremy was played by different actors, beautiful Robert Redford when he was young. Matthew was played by Brad Pitt when younger. Ted was played by real nice Denzel Washington when younger. Rebecca was played by beautiful young nice Amy Adams. Dad is played by Johnny Depp. Dana played by the beautiful mighty new actress who won best actress from 12 Years a Slave (Lupita Nyong’o). Truly Jamey Lee is played by a young Sondra Bullocks. Troy was played by kind Ed the actor who plays army and strong nice type (Ed Harris). Matt Willbat played by greatly the Spanish actor I really don’t know his name but he is married to the blonde lady in Working Girl (Antonio Banderas). Nice Beth nicely I think really nice Whoopie Goldberg plays her. The soundtrack is by the great Dave Matthews Band.   The name of the movie is Free meaning Free from Darkness.