The Justly Happy Aura of the Salmon at Chittenden Locks,  Seattle

auraofsalmoncapOriginal 18 x 24 acrylic on wood. Limited Edition prints signed and numbered size 15 x 20 available.

Dearly I had a great dream that I frankly painted a beautiful  painting about the fish in the salmon ladders. Truly there is lots of yellow for the happy salmon swimming to  their next stage in life. There is orange for the fun of swimming through the kind ladders. The salmon don’t mind the windows where people observe their journey represented by the color white. The fish were truly feeling  free and looking forward  to the next place to rest represented by green for the calm they felt. The color white also represented the hope they would nicely make it to their destination. Blue like the sky, dark blue and green, represented the ocean they hoped to reach. Red is for the anxiety some fish felt. Truly I love being near the beautiful fish. The beautiful fish are very much believing in the mighty force of nature, and this is the secret of happiness for everyone. Gold and silver represent the handiwork of God.