Series: New Year's

The Happy Hope of a New Year 2017 With the New President

The Happy Hope of a New Year 2017 With the New PresidentTruly I dreamt I painted the colors of the New Year. I frankly dreamt that our nation believed it was time for white male power frankly not inclusive of people like my family, Rebecca and me. Truly the shift is temporary. Really love will overcome. Greatly purple represents the leadership to be had and learned by our new president. Truly he will learn how to be a president to everyone. Justly there is red for the anxiety lots of people feel because they’re not sure about the new president but there is white for the hope of him being a justly nice president.  Truly there is nice green for mighty calmness that people will feel when they see the good the president can do. Truly we need to believe he has some good in him like everyone else has. Greatly there is pink truly for the love people will show when they come together to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Greatly I will reach more goals in my justly great life. There is blue for the knowledge my mom will learn to expand my art business this year. There is yellow for the continued happiness that I will bring to people.  Orange is present for the fun that will be had at my birthday party on New Year’s Eve.  Gold and Silver is there to guide from above.