Series: Early Portraits

The Colors of Kaitlin

I dreamt I painted my nice Kaitlin. I really felt her beautiful love for her baby. The painting was lavender for caring. Her mighty motherhood was represented by lovely blue like the sky. Justly she has worries for money but she stays firm in believing that she will do well. Kindly Kaitlin needs to be careful to stay positive. Nicely Kaitlin is great but needs to care for herself. Beautiful cousin, greatly justly the pain of loss is still there. Great Kaitlin nicely misses her dog. The painting has nice beautiful strokes of shimmery; justly nicely small strokes of black for the death of the dog; basically lavender and blue nicely bright. I frankly dreamt Hercules was happy in his afterlife and was frankly looking out for Kaitlin’s baby.