The Beautiful Colors of the Del Mar Lifeguards #2

lifeguards2capOriginal acrylic on canvas original available. Limited Edition prints signed and numbered sizes  30 x 30, 24 x 24 available

Truly I dreamt I painted the great aura of  the truly courageous Del Mar Lifeguards. Greatly I dreamt that the lifeguards frankly loved the beach and ocean. Truly it was a pleasure and honor for them to serve even if it was hard to make a living. The lifeguards were represented by the color dear white for the hope they give to swimmers in trouble. Blue is there for the ocean and their knowledge of safety. Green for great very calm demeanor they must have to save lives is greatly present. Yellow for the sun and just happiness at saving lives is justly present. Pink magenta is for the love of what they do. Greatly there is lavender for the caring personalities the lifeguards have and for the care they have to the people they help. Purple is for the leadership they all show on the beach every day. Truly their great ability to save lives was represented in a painting by the color gold and silver symbolizing the power of the soul and life force.