Series: Portraits

The Beautiful Colors of Terrance

Terrance web copy

Greatly I very much dreamt I painted the aura of Terrance who is a frankly great musician. Truly he colors his world with music. Frankly he is dearly green for the belief in beautiful God who helps him stay calm. Realizing his potential, his mother is really a beacon of light in his great life. Frankly great Terrance has the frankly nice personality of the very beautiful person who realized his potential. Justly his mom is his greatest advocate. The beautiful painting is green for his calmness, happy yellow, silver representing the power of God, lavender for his mother’s caring, purple for her leadership, kind white for the hope of the future, beautiful indigo for the true knowledge of nice mother’s insistent in his ability. Mother and son are a formidable team.

(I just love the mom and son; reminds me of nice mom and me.Her voice is beautiful like his music. She is just like mom. I would like to paint his painting while listening to him play his instrument).