Series: Portraits

The Beautiful Colors of James Van Praagh and His Spirit

James Van Praagh art show 2016 copy (2)“When I looked at the painting, I started to get very emotional. It’s an emotional connection to the colors and the vibrations and the painting, and I’m very moved.” -James Van Praagh

I dreamt I painted the superb aura of James. Greatly his colors were beautiful filled with love and light. Justly his spirit was represented by gold and silver greatly helping from above. White was there for the pureness of his soul. Purple greatly present for his leadership skills was nicely, dearly mighty in its just belief of true power of God and love. Justly pink representing love for his husband was there. Nice yellow greatly bright for their happiness together. Green frankly greatly present for the calmness of the belief that love provides. Red is for the healthy lifestyle he tries to have.  Indigo mighty in its beautiful color represents true knowledge of life in heaven. Light blue like the sky represents the wings of butterflies fluttering their wings in the hope of having connection with their loved ones. Greatly James is dearly connected to spirit. Truly he helps many through his work of love. -Jeremy Sicile-kira