The Beautiful Aura of the Magnificent Ocean and Our Boat Ride

oceanboatcapOriginal 48 x 48 original available. Limited Edition prints signed and numbered,  sizes 40 x 40, 30 x 30 available.

Truly I loved greatly the boat ride. I could feel the great jellyfish aura as we sped by. He was dearly loving the water. I felt the dog paddlers happiness at being out on surf boards. The dolphins were not so happy to be in enclosed in the Navy base. The water was frankly the best place to feel the energy of God’s handiwork on earth. Nicely the water was blue and dark green because it is energetic but calming. Really the jellyfish has yellow for his contentment at just floating and the dogs were orange for the frankly funny ride they were having and the dolphins were white for the hope of freedom. Jenn and Von and Otto were beautiful in their happiness. Dad and Mom were bright green for relaxing instead of handling the kitchen emergency that dearly has lasted too long. Silver and gold for the spirit of God’s handiwork is present on our boat ride.