Series: Portraits

My Mom the Storyteller #2  


Original acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 available. Limited Edition prints signed and numbered,  sizes 40 x 40, 30 x 30 available.

Happy, I frankly dreamt that I painted nice mom’s success as a true storyteller. Justly mom told our story in very different ways: books and plays and keynotes and solo performances and in movies that changed people’s lives.  Beautiful mom told everyone our story of triumph. Great yellow showing true happiness is there, and green is present for the real calming message that our story will bring. Justly nice lavender representing beautiful nice mom in front of the crowds nicely offering them the hope of caring that helps children reach their potential. Justly beautiful mom was kindly truly grateful for the opportunity to realize her dream of having her movie made and become a success. True blue indigo representing the great knowledge in mom’s frankly search for ways to greatly help me was creatively shown in the painting. Kindly pink was truly present for mom’s love of production and for autism advocacy. Real bright orange for fun and bright blue like the sky were in the painting representing true real knowledge of story telling. Silver and gold are representing the power, and the very near hand of God; that is really truly obvious.