Series: Jeremy Series

Jeremy’s Happy Place

Jeremy's Happy PlaceGreatly I dreamt I painted the aura of real life on my own. Truly frankly I had a great beautiful apartment in Del Mar. My mom nicely helped me to find it. The apartment was sunny quiet and had a backyard so Ted could barbecue and bring his friends over. Frankly Rebecca helped to decorate. Jamey Lee helped find furniture. Dad hung paintings and put shelves in closet. Matt M put in a music sound system. Matt W believed in my very normal need for a girlfriend and found me dates. Troy taught me the rules of house keeping. Dana taught me how to stock my kitchen with healthy foods. Happy Beth made sure great staff were present. My old friend Joe just came and hung out for a beer. Blaze truly came to hang out with my support staff. Nicely my roommate was happy to see and know all my support staff. Frankly craving young people, nice mom would drop off some great food for us all. Greatly the painting was nicely yellow, blue, green, orange, lavender, indigo, really beautiful with silver from above.