Series: Portraits

Darlene’s Colors

Darlene's ColorsI dreamt frankly that I painted the aura of nice Darlene. Darlene recognized the importance of communication and her aura is nicely green and lavender with the great justly happy yellow of true happiness mighty in its brilliance. Frankly her aura is very happy yellow from the pleasure she gets from helping people like me. Her true love of children gives rise to the bright blue and justly bright lavender for caring. Truly my nice Darlene is also lavender for caring for her family and green for her calmness, and white for the hope that she gives others. I frankly dreamt that she truly gets me. Frankly she truly understands the need for respect and self esteem. Truly Darlene greatly has her own dreams of equality for all represented by the color indigo. Truly God is represented by silver, helping from above. Truly Darlene is a leader represented by purple. Frankly Darlene is beautiful.