San Diego Foundation silent auction for Del Mar Lifeguards.

Jeremy’s interpretation of the lifeguards and their love for their job and the importance of what they do – was sold to benefit the Lifeguards.

“Cool Jeans for Special Genes” silent auction for the Downs Syndrome Center

Jeremy painted two pairs of  blue jeans – first time painting on cloth so it was a challenge, but fun.

“Open the Door to Your Heart” Benefiting Cardiac Research and Therapy at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego Heart Institute

Jeremy painted and donated “The Children” to the fundraiser “Open the Door to Your Heart” on Sunday, July 21st to Benefit Cardiac Research and Therapy at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego Heart Institute.

The Children

I greatly dreamt I painted the aura of nice dear frankly sick children whose spirit was healthier than most adults. The children had hardships but they beautifully greatly felt the power from above. The lively spirit of the children is represented by the lively brushstrokes. Nicely the color blue like the sky represents their kind knowledge about the true meaning of life. Lavender represents the love the family has for them and the care provided by the hospital. Green is present for the kind nature of true calm and tranquility. Yellow greatly represents their happiness in their life. Silver represents power from above helping them be happy and hopeful. There are loving pink hearts in the painting representing the hospital’s kind love for the children.

Alexander Salazar Fine Art Anniversary Art Auction and It’s All About the Kids Foundation

Jeremy painted “The Art Teacher and Her Students” as a donation to help raise funds for the Artist in Residency Program and the It’s All About the Kids Foundation. The event was held by Alexandar Salazaar at one of his art galleries.

The Art Teacher and Her Students

I kindly dreamt I painted the aura of a nice art teacher from my grammar school. Frankly I truly dreamt that I painted the beautiful aura she had while teaching justly the children how to do art. Really the painting showed her happiness at helping the students discover the use of color and shape. It was yellow for happiness, with pink for the love of the children and blue for knowledge and lavender for caring. Frankly there is a little red that represents the teacher’s anxiety at possibly losing funding for her job. Silver from above truly guides her. Kindly the painting is lively represented by the brush strokes that kindly have no pattern, representing the liveliness of children.