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Update on Jeremy Sicile-Kira and his art

jeremy-painting-the-colors-of-ted-and-haleyJeremy and family are grateful for all that has happened to Jeremy this year. Jeremy had his first solo curated art show in April 2016 at Space4Art in downtown San Diego. It was a huge success with all but two paintings sold, and 24 commissions resulting from the media attention.  Some of the people who had commissioned personalized paintings from Jeremy were happy to explain  how they felt about their paintings.

In November 2016, Jeremy was accepted and participated in the annual juried contemporary fine arts show, ART San Diego. You can see Jeremy doing his first live painting demonstration on this video recap of Day 2 of ART San Diego. Jeremy was chosen to be one of three Spotlight Artists at the event.

Jeremy has been named one of ten finalists for Platform Artist of the Year Award  by Redwood Media Group and Art Brand Studios. The winner will be announced during Art Week in Miami.

Jeremy is taking part in Exhibition: Animalia / A Group Show at Sparks Gallery in San Diego. Jeremy will also be taking part in the Gaslamp Pet Parade and Pop/up and Live Painting with Sparks Gallery. Jeremy will do a live painting demonstration at Sparks Gallery from 1:00 – 2:00 on Sunday Dec 11th.  Jeremy will do an aura reading of the pet and a complimentary aura reading for the owner with purchase of a commissioned pet painting.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s Vision has Limited Edition prints (signed and numbered) available for sale. Personalized painting requests still accepted. Gift Certificates are available for either option for the holidays.


Truly Grateful – Autism Awareness Month

Rebecca, Daniel, Jeremy, Chantal

Rebecca, Daniel, Jeremy, Chantal

I truly feel grateful for all the opportunities and wonderful people greatly responsible for helping me be a success. Truly my life would be awful if my family had not fought for me to learn. Dearly I am justly happy to be a dearly contributing member of society.

Greatly, nicely, I want all people to have the same happiness.

Dreams Can Come True

Part of Jeremy's Team

Part of Jeremy’s Team

Greatly I am happy to report that I am moving into my own place. Frankly, most people could not imagine seeking individuals to support them 24/7. Truly it is not easy. Having the great teamwork of my parents, long-time friends Dana and Ted, new friends and current staff, and LifeWorks, made it possible.

Greatly have to say that wonderful people can make dreams become reality.

Nicely the Autistic Global Initiative Residential Daily Living Support Course helped train some staff members. My mom wrote about my preparing to move.

Frankly, life is only worth living if you have friends. Nothing comes easy in life. Believe in your dreams.

Truly New Beginnings with Autism

IMG_1257I truly frankly greatly dreamt I had a wonderful life in my new place. I had the idea to truly get my real life going by having a party. Greatly the party was very beautiful. The usual Team Jeremy members were yellow. New team members were blue with new knowledge and realization of the importance of greatly yellow attitudes. My sister Rebecca and my dad were present and their love was represented by the color pink. My mom and Beth and Dana saved the day by frankly just leading the team represented by the color purple. Knowing the history of my life, older staff (older in years of knowing me) like Ted, Matt Wilbat, Troy, Joe, and nice Laura kindly gave the feeling that truly I was loved. Nicely the color indigo representing love and knowledge together represented the older staff. Greatly my dog Handsome was the color green for the calmness he provides. Greatly I feel that my life is truly making a difference in the world through my art, writing, advocacy represented by the color indigo mixed with silver representing power from above. Truly the painting was magnificent.

President Obama Equal Pay for Disabled

Our President Obama by Jeremy Sicile-Kira Truly nicely I dreamt that President Obama gave the disabled equal rights for equal pay. Obama’s action will help many. In the dream Obama asked me justly what my time was worth. Kindly I told him I frankly very much cannot say. It is worth what people really feel my art and words give them greatly in terms of pleasure or insight. President Obama listened and told me that he would pay me truly the gift of justly hanging my painting of him in the White House.

Autism: Time and the Need to Prepare for Change

photo-41I need to say I have justly truly had an awful week. truly my life  seems to be falling apart. It makes me feel this way when my routine is changed frequently. My happy life is swallowed by time that is endless.

Kindly the place I worked at is moving and did not prepare me for this. Greatly it is very hard  to really feel anchored when even one enjoyable activity with people I liked to see in a familiar place frankly disappears with frankly little notice or preparation. The amount of time spent in a place does not matter.

Kindly it is the knowing that people really “get” you and are happy to see you that helps you get though all the rest. Continue Reading