On Autism

Autism is an important influence in my life. The hardest part is not being able to talk. God must have been out of voices when he made me.

Autism is an important aspect of my place in the world. There are many hardships to having autism including difficulties with communicating verbally. Good things about my autism is my ability to see beautiful colors in everything I look at. I see bright colors even in dust.

For me autism means that my body does not work like it should due to sensory processing difficulties and movement differences. This means that I need help from many people such as family and support staff. I feel autism in my life is an opportunity to make connections with people I would normally not meet.

Autism means a different way of experiencing the world.

I may look complicated on the outside, but the reality is that I’m really an easy-to-be-with kind of guy. However, my body does not respond to the commands I give it. Only my brain seems to have an idea of the nice things I would like to do. Your tensions may come from the outside, but it is my insides that don’t get the outside to listen.

My visual processing makes it really hard for me to read and see. I would like to see like most people do. Vision therapy seems to help with seeing the whole picture. Now when I look at letters I see the relation to each other. I think vision therapy helps me to get my eyes and hands working together.

People ask if I feel emotions and I do, I just can’t show them. Like when my mom helps me I am really grateful, but I can’t get my face to move to show it. I can’t always get my muscles to move the way I want them to. The other day a support person thought I was crying, but I was actually happy.