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NBC San Diego

Jeremy’s Vision: How a Man With Autism Finds Himself, Communicates in Art
Jeremy Sicile-Kira sees the world differently than most of us. But most of the world rarely sees the real Jeremy.

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Fox 5 San Diego

Art Exhibit Showcases work of Autistic Painter
Jeremy Sicile-Kira has synesthesia – a condition where he sees letters, words and emotions in color.

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CW 6 San Diego

Artist with Autism Sees Letters, Number, Emotions in Color
Jeremy Sicile-Kira’s unique and bright gift is now on display at an art

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NBC San Diego

Torrey Pines High Graduates 1st Non Verbal Autistic Student
An unusually momentous day for one student who will give a commencement address.

Source: As seen on NBC San Diego

Jeremy on MTV’s True Life: I Have Autism

Jeremy’s High School Commencement Speech

Jeremy Painting

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